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Pose practice II by FlyingCarpets Pose practice II by FlyingCarpets
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A whole lot more of poses :D
I'm trying to git gud at drawing and stop being so casul :P

Feel free to use if it helps anyone.
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MeMyMine Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016   Digital Artist
If it helps, when i started out trying this whole pose practice thing i found out that pausing videos of guys doing parkour yields pretty dynamic poses.
On the other hand I still mostly draw people standing around so maybe that didn't help me :D
FlyingCarpets Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016
Oh this is a really interesting advice. I will try this! I guess I'm just not on the level of drawing ppl in clothes yet. I sometimes don't know what's going on with the body under clothes so that's why for now I'm practicing naked people XD Lol so what, you can draw other poses and you simply choose to draw people standing around, that's perfectly fine. They are not just standing around, I actually realized recently that your drawings remind me of paintings of kings that I've seen in museums. So it's not just "standing around", but more like posing for a royal portrait :D
MeMyMine Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2016   Digital Artist
Those parkourers were shirtless if that's of any use.  I also didn't delete one trashy film from my hard drive solely because it was a swords and sandals action flick with 80% of the cast being almost naked men and the other 20 almost naked women, and some of the fight scenes yielded okay poses on pause.

But yeah at one point people IRL were telling me all I draw are naked people, which was partially true and partially for anatomy reasons you mentioned. Then you get to the point where you consider your naked people to look pretty ok but drawing clothes just doesn't turn out good, and the clothes kinda ruin your anatomy work underneath, but eventurally you get past that point too. But people still remember.

It seems to be a lasting impression. One time I was considering making an account to another online gallery site. I mentioned to a friend the terms of use being pretty long and when I got to the "not accepting sexy sex art" bit she exclaimed that this excludes almost all of my DA uploads. I said this isn't true, she said "whatyamean it isn't true... that's at least how I remember your gallery, that it's all sex naked people".

As for the standing around, maybe everyone I draw has an unwarranted sense of self-importance :D
FlyingCarpets Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016
Oh that might help XD I also hoard a lot of such references but then there's never time to go back to them and put them to use. But I might get to these things once, since except for learning poses/anatomy now I am trying to learn to draw quicker. I know some people who can draw what I draw in about 4 times less time... (Zlu is one of them XD) And I want to be like them :P

For now I am self-aware in my preference of drawing bare-chested hunky men with crooked noses and angular cheekbones, preferably with some spikes/feather on their shoulders, but I am already trying to go out of my comfort zone sometimes, which also includes drawing clothes, or women... ok that came out bad XDDD Anyway, I need way more practice with about everything. Uh. To think once I thought I would just learn to draw without specifically practicing certain elements, silly me XD;

And hm, for me your gallery was always more like black knights in spiky armours, demons and cool landscapes, I never got the sexy vibe. But now that I go to your gallery I do spot a lot of bare chests. It's not particularly sexual to me, just bare chested guys doing their bare chested guy things XD
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February 15, 2016
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