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December 19, 2012
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Sauron - Lord of Werewolves by FlyingCarpets Sauron - Lord of Werewolves by FlyingCarpets
>>reblog on tumblr<<

So I wanted to draw an angry, vicious werewolf Sauron but somehow ended up drawing this rather hot and confused half-werewolf Sauron instead... (happens all the time! XD)

Anyway, enjoy! And the proper angry Lord of Werewolves is still to be drawn later ;D

This is of course illustration for our Melkor/Sauron fic: [link]

:iconsauronplz:- - -:iconsauronplz:- - -:iconsauronplz:

:heart: Our Melkor&Sauron art tumblr: [link] :heart:

More of insane Silmarillion stuff:

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A year later and I still want to put my face into his fluff. <3
It's hard to believe that almost a year passed already, isn't it? We're so happy we've met you guys <3333 I so love your Gothmog by the way, he's smoking hot! ;D And I love all the Saurons, and Sauron carrying Melkor over his arm is my very favourite, Melkor has splendid butt 8P. Sorry for not writing all that on tumblr, I sadly suck with communicating with human being right now and all I have brains for is just clickign reblog and I don't want to reblog your things without writing some comment. But all that should change soon, somewhat at least. I keep feeling guilty we just abandoned angbandstyle there, kind of, soon we'll at least go write something there to tell people we did not perish. And write that summary on us and our evil plans that we planned to write.
OH MY SWEET LUFF. <3  I've been woefully uncommunicative as well. T_T 
No stress or guilt necessary I completely understand the need to just unwind and hit "reblog" XD
I've been storing up the things I wanted to chat with you guys about for later >w>  *takes notes* 
I think you made him look appropriately vicious here. Definitely not someone I'd want to piss off, that's for sure.
straahl Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
the different brushes/lines are amazing...
I'd like to commission you sometime in the future to do a piece like this for me
if you ever do commissions of course ehe.
Seriously it's hardly amazing, it's so sketchy I shouldn't have submitted it like that but I got so tired of it uh. That's why I don't think I'll ever be taking commissions, these end up looking good but I spend like 10 hours on such picture, redrawing eyes and nose 100 times because of reasons, I'm a very slow-mo artist suffering on every picture XDDD Zlu is trying to convince me to just draw a lot and crappily and practice but I am like 'nooooo i will spend 30 hours on this picture' XD;

But one day I will surely want to draw something for you, just with no obligations so that I don't feel guilty about not spending a week on it XDDD :hug:
straahl Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You have no idea what you're talking about, shush shush, it's amazing <3
I know what you mean... That's why I basically never have commissions open,
because I take hours and hours going over drawings and, as you have unfortunately experienced,
I take FOREVER completing anything. You should definitely consider it though. I reckon commissions would fly in!
Your style is so colourful and mesmerising. Try reducing 30 hours down to maybe... 20 
then get gradually quicker and become some kind of drawing speed demon! 
Don't even... I owe you a butt load of drawings just for being so patient and amazing with me :hug:
timpu Feb 1, 2013   Traditional Artist
Good one.
Thank you! XDDD
timpu Feb 2, 2013   Traditional Artist
You're most welcome.
See you.
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